воскресенье, 31 августа 2014 г.

How to search in the Blogger ?

And less than one day after my prevoius post I have to write another one. I haven't found how to search blogs on the Blogger which could be interesting for me. In the the Live Journal it's very easy. I can find and subscribe on interesting blogs. But not here... Anybody who have read this post, could you tell me how to do it ?
Thank you !

Instead of first post

Hi everyone !
My name is Ivan (aka IL_Agent). I'm software developer and citizen of Russia. And you are reading the first post in my blog. Thanks ! It's great.
There are two main reasons that I've decided to start the blog.
Firtsly, sometimes I have thoughts and questions (in software development sphere mainly) that I'd like to share. Also I have blog in Russian (http://il-agent.livejournal.com) but I had written there very rarely. Now I'm planning write olny here. And I'll maybe translate certain posts from that.
Secondly, I'm in process of learning English. So writing in english could help me with that. And excuse me if I write something grammatically wrong. You could even show me my mistakes. I'll be grateful :)
So, let's start !